New York Food Safety Training State Requirements

New York Food Handlers
New York food handler training is necessary for all food handlers in the retail food service and hospitality industry - who are involved in the preparation, storage, or handling of food.

New York Health Code: Article 81 – Food Preparation and Food Establishments
New York Health Code: Article 11 – Reportable Diseases and Conditions (PDF)

  • Definition(s): "Food worker" or "food handler" means any person who works in a food service establishment or non - retail food processing establishment, including but not limited to any person described in §11 .01(l) of the New York Health Code. §81.03 (r)
    "Food handler" or "food worker" means a person who works in any place where food or drink is prepared, manufactured, handled, bottled, packed, stored, offered for sale, sold or provided free of charge, whose duties or the circumstances under which the food handler works, in the opinion of the Department, involve a risk that the food handler or food worker may cause the spread of disease. §11.01 (l)
  • Requirement: Food workers: health; hygienic practices. All food workers shall use hygienic practices and maintain personal cleanliness. §81.13

New York Certified Food Managers
New York law requires all food facilities that prepare, handle, or serve unpackaged foods to have at least one Certified Food Manager (CFM) - which is the person-in-charge - by demonstrating knowledge of safe food handling practices by successfully passing an ANSI-accredited food manager certification exam.

New York Health Code: Article 81 – Food Preparation and Food Establishments

  • Requirement: Food protection certificate required. No person who is charged with the management or supervision of the operations of a food service establishment or non-retail food processing establishment shall engage or be employed in such capacity unless he or she obtains a certificate issued by the Department subsequent to successful completion of a course in food protection, and passage of an examination administered by the Department. § 81.15
  • Responsibility: A person holding such certificate shall be on the premises and shall supervise all food preparation activities during all hours of operation. § 81.15

New York Food Safety State Regulations

New York legal requirements for Food Handlers and Certified Food Managers:

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